What is an MOT?

‘MOT’ is the generic name for ‘Ministry Of Transport’ tests which are mandatory inspections to ensure that all vehicles on UK roads over three years old are in a roadworthy condition. All MOT registered garages conform to stringent standards and procedures laid down by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)who administer the MOT test network. Their official site contains definitive information about the MOT test. If you are looking at buying a vehicle you can check its status online at www.motinfo.gov.uk

How does an MOT compare with an independent inspection?

If you are buying a used car and don’t want to go to the expense of a full inspection, putting it through an MOT is the next best way of having it expertly checked. An MOT pass does not mean the car won’t break down, but it does cover most of the major areas of concern.

Can an MOT last longer than 12 months?

Good question; an MOT can in fact last for 13 months. You can have your car tested up to one month before the old certificate expires. The new MOT will run consecutively from the date of expiry. This concession allows you to be organised about your MOT, and could save you money. Best of all, there's no last minute panic, which is a number one cause of MOT stress.

What if my car fails the test?

If the previous MOT is still valid, the recent failure does not void the original MOT as long as there's nothing dangerous. That's why we recommend you book your MOT early, and certainly before the old one expires. Allowing plenty of time means unexpected problems can be dealt with calmly, at a time that suits you.

When is a good time to have an MOT?

If you have extensive repairs or servicing done on your vehicle, remember to ask for a fresh MOT at the same time. The difference in your bill should be minimal, and there is nothing more annoying than having to put your vehicle back to the garage for MOT work a few months later. Remember you can MOT your car up to one month before the current certificate expires. If your car needs an MOT in in the next month, an early test could save you money; another compelling reason to book now on 01463 234333.

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing, apart from your car of course. We don't need to see any documentation to perform an MOT inspection. 

Which MOT station should I use?

If you need to MOT your car while you are in the highland capital, Inverness, book it with The MOT Centre who will take care of it promptly and efficiently, leaving you within easy access of Inverness town centre.

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